Tag: Photography

winter photoshoot with baby grace

If you “follow” me and are familiar with my content, then you probably know who Gracelyn Jaymes is to me. My sweet grand daughter. I do photos for most all my family members, especially the babies. These are definitely favorites because it shares an essence of Grace. Her sweet innocence shines through in her big […]

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an odd blue heron

Every weekend it was a new adventure. Jamie and I set out for our road trip to the seashore. We hopped in our big black 4wd Chevy truck to transport us with all our gear. Fishing poles, coolers, camera equipment and the radio playing Country music in the background that set the tone for a […]

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Unexpected Beauty~American Bald Eagle

It had been dreary weather for days. I knew I needed the feeling of fresh air on my skin and the warmth of sunshine on my face. Stepping out onto the front porch was like sanctuary after the overcast and cold rains had blew away into the night. I gazed out over the pines in […]

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