Anticipating Avery

Crocheted with love from Nana ♥

5 days out from her due date and we wait… Anticipation is in the air yet we all spend our Sunday afternoon with the distraction of #steem looming throughout the house. The boys are on the PS4 (playstation) prepping their equipment and skills for screen capturing. Setting out a plan for #Dtube uploads in the days to come.

Breakfast is served! I shouted as they all scrambled to the kitchen. It’s a Keto style breakfast with country smoked sausage and poached eggs with a side of creamy avocado. We discuss how Avery will be so intelligent because we are feeding her good fats. We are so attached to her and her well being and she soon will arrive but wait… she is already here, only we just can’t hold her yet. Mama has her tucked away till the time is right.

Only the best for our ballerina baby. What is the best? Handmade with love from Nana? Or antique porcelain ballerina knick knacks? Silver spoons and Heirloom Bibs? Papa’s Baby brush from when he was a newborn himself? There are so many “things” that symbolize the measure of love we all have for her. It’s astounding the bond we carry not only with our children, but our grandchildren. The history and legacy that we build over time. The commitment that we strive to give as an automatic response as we are all one together… A Family ♥

Heirloom and Handkerchief Bibs from Nana with Love ♥

Not enough hours in the day to make all the little things for Avery that I want her to have. I have more crocheted beanies to make before she arrives to keep her sweet little head warm. I can see me now… Sitting in the waiting room whipping up a soft pink hat to cradle her sweetness. I can’t wait to see her little face, to smell her sweet scent and compare her features to my youngest sons @jpburnsed and her Mama’s @iamangierose. How lucky I feel to have the family I have. How I look forward to seeing my husband @thekid67 hold her and take their photograph together.

Burp Cloths Made with Love By Nana ♥
A Slouchy, A Boobie and A Beanie with a Button ♥

Some burp clothes and a magical unicorn box full of hair bows for angel along with some soft crocheted hats. A photo shoot will be in order very soon after her arrival to sport some of her new accessories. She will be a fashionista no doubt.

Angelica Rose @iamangierose ♥

What a gem ♥ !! The beginning of her pregnancy was the type that most would loathe… Morning sickness was an all day affair. Unable to eat properly, sipping ginger tea and basically just not doing so well. Then all that passed and she has been the happiest little mama in existence. Hungry like a bear at only 5 feet tall she can out eat all the men in the house! We are proud of that! We find it adorable to say the least. So as long as we feed the beast her temperament is that of a little lamb ♥ She is so ready as you can tell by the picture… Ripe as a Georgia Peach ready to be picked from the tree 🙂

I will conclude my little interlude of love for my Avery Noelle… My grand-daughter in the making that will arrive any day now. I find myself content because life is so full because of the ones I love.

Sharing my life on #steem is an incredible experience for me. Being able to interact with my fellow creators and curators is a daily joy and I look forward to it each waking day.

Thank-you for taking the time to stop by and letting me share some of my love with you ♥

Courtesy of @bembelmaniac

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