A sign of Spring

American Robin in Moniac, Georgia

Just when I think I can stand winter no more I look out my kitchen window to see at least a dozen or more Red Robins scurrying around on the lawn. It is one of my most favorite sights to see since I’ve lived here in Moniac. They are odd birds in their movements, looking about, then still, then a quick walk forward and down to grab a worm or insect in the grass with their beak. They are somewhat fearless of me as they don’t mind me walking about to capture their photo as long as I am at a good distance. I see the ones that are coming around this year to visit as quite large and long in stature. I could of sworn the ones that came through last year were more fat bodied and shorter in structure. But none the less they are just lovely.

Watching these birds with Gracelyn my grand-daugther who is almost 3 years old and @iamangierose my lovely and sweet daughter in law, has been a total joy. Angie said, “Hey Mom, the robins are in the back yard close to the house.” so we scramble our way out there to get as many pics as we can. Grace gets completely breath taken by any and all the birds she sees coming for a visit. Her reactions are priceless. Nature is a gift and the American Robin is a indicator of the glorious Spring time coming in the near future.

I am glad they come to nest here in our beautiful Southern Georgia and each year I look forward to seeing them in abundance.

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