loki and ripper

This is Loki

Loki is my handsome man. He is loyal to his family. Playful and protective. He adoringly loves us and he believes he is a lap dog. We adopted Loki from a local animal shelter. He had a little buddy that had to go home with him or else he was not aloud to leave. He had a very special bond with his little buddy. The first time we seen them together in the running yard it was quite a sight. .

Loki is an American Staffordshire Bulldog. He seems to have all the attributes of his breed. He is part of our family. We got him when he was 3 yrs old. He is now 10. He is doing well, but bad hips are starting to set in. He is still active and healthy and loves to play outdoors.

This is “RIPPER”

He is a fierce little thing. He is also 10 yrs old now. He is a “Min Pin” He is the loud one of the two boys. He loves to sit and lay on top of Loki for long siestas in the afternoon. I frequently call him “mama’s little snip pity snap.. Rip Snapper and just plain ole Rip” He will lay down in front of you with his head in a praying position to ask for a treat. He will sing songs with you in the highest of high pitch keys…and do so with the greatest of passion. He is a sweet little man.

Rip loves to snug up to Daddy and then Daddy will tell him little secrets and well… the emotional rescue begins. Rip turns into a little baby just enjoying every little bit of love being given.

Besides my husband and my children, my animals have been so close to me. Everyone goes to work, or out while me and the boys are here at the house doing our thing. There are days they act like toddlers and days they are a breeze. They are my therapy and they love us all unconditionally. I feel so much gratitude to have walked into that shelter that day to find them. They are connected at the hip. Well trained, intelligent, emotion wise they are like us and even dramatic sometimes just for the extra attention. I love them. I am proud of them. I wish they could live forever.

Thank you for letting me share my special babies with you ♥

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