an odd blue heron

Blue Heron

Every weekend it was a new adventure. Jamie and I set out for our road trip to the seashore. We hopped in our big black 4wd Chevy truck to transport us with all our gear. Fishing poles, coolers, camera equipment and the radio playing Country music in the background that set the tone for a sing along kind of day. We would arrive at daylight and stay till the sun went down.

Many pictures were taken during these summer outings. These were some of my favorites. A beautiful “Blue Herring” popped in for a visit. Without a care in this world, it decided to give us something to look at. There were beautiful poses and strange poses and it was all to our delight. I’ve seen many things standing on the shore where the Amelia River joined into the Atlantic. We were right at the crossing point. There was so much wildlife there to capture and people too. Soon I will be sharing more of that collection filled with sentimental and beautiful memories. But for now, let us give this exotic looking bird his due and show it off in all its glory. From all of his or her efforts, I do believe he wanted to be showcased. He did pose after all.

Blue Herring with a crooked neck, posing for his picture to be taken. Location: Amelia Island, Florida (Fort Clinch State Park)
Crooked Neck Blue Heron

Here is the link to the general location these photos were taken, along with more information. 
Blue Heron Spreading His Wings

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