Sunset Day 451- 5 minute #Freewritepoetry

Marigolds from my garden.

All photographs are created by @deepsouthpiddlin unless a source is linked.

Would you walk along with me?
A future bright we’re sure to see
With marigolds and daffodils
flowing streams never still
Eyes so blue they pierce the sky
I hardly notice passersby
A sudden graze
You touched my hand
My heart began to race again
Oh to let this day repeat
Purge the night
I shall not sleep
In fairy tales your dreams come true
I only want to be with you
The warming sun slips away
It robs us of the light day
We sigh and wish it never ending
Beauty comes with darkness pending
Then the calmness fills the air
Colors bleed in lovely flares
To present a show of warm goodbyes
We let it go and close our eyes


Courtesy of @bembelmaniac

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