Perfume my first #freewritepoetry entry


Ahhh the scent that takes me back in time… The one that was faithful to always blow his mind.

Sweet and alluring, it lingered gently through the air. I would spray it so lightly; to my skin that was bare.

He walked into the room and contentment on his face would rise to the surface as he absorbed it’s every trace.

I never meant to do it, to trance his mind this way… but the scent of the perfume would always win the day.

And so as the years would come and pass, he’d gift me with a bottle, not long would it last.

I could spray a bit now and put him in full throttle, but a kiss will have to do, no time to coddle…

Calvin Kline was a master at igniting this passion and still to this day I am thankful for this action!

So please give me kudos for my first #freewrite submitted… I haven’t lost my mind, but could be committed!

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So this is my first attempt at the 5 minute #freewrite and as soon as the timer started it turned to a poem. I am out of practice in my writing efforts. Amatuer to say the least, but giving it a chance 🙂 I had a great time writing this and appreciate that I can openly participate 🙂

This prompt was written about true experiences that have occurred in my life pertaining to a perfume gifted to me throughout the years by my husband.

Courtesy of @bembelmaniac

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