perseverance vs. Procrastination

Just let it begin…

My first post using WordPress with the Steempress Plugin. So I’ve started building my blog and website as an extension of myself. Then hit the wall of procrastination and now look out! Here I come. Using WordPress with the Steempress plugin is a new venture altogether. Let’s cross our fingers all goes as planned when I hit “Publish” lol It’s been years since I have written anything. It’s been a struggle to just move forward. There’s been a monkey on my back whispering self doubt into my ear. Well, that is one ugly monkey! I just gave him a smack and told him to bug off and let me get this thing started.

I even looked up “writer’s block” type information to be told it was all in my head. Yes, I am going to need to refresh on my sentence structure. My punctuation is going to need some work, no doubt. But what I have to say and the things I want to share, will find a way to resonate one way or another through perseverance.

sharing my beautiful life with you…

So Welcome to my blog! Here I plan to share my interests in life. I am 4 months new on the Blockchain utilizing the #Steemit and #Dtube platforms and a member of the #linkseven77 family which is led by @nathanmars. I have experienced some trial and error but I have also gained a wealth of information about the Steem Community and have acquired new friends/fellow Steemians.

If you aren’t familiar with the Blockchain or what Steem actually is then I suggest you do your research. There is no simple way for me to enlighten you other than giving you some basic words to ponder on. Decentralization, Cryptocurrency, and No Censorship. That alone should spark your interests. For a real education about the Steem Community let me recommend  then just head on over to and sign up! It will be an eye-opening experience.

Spreading the love….

When I first learned about, I thought, ” This is cool.” I can blog and vlog and create content like I have always wanted and earn $ for it. Well, my incentive has changed. The Steem Community has that affect on you. When you learn the foundation of what it all represents and realize the possibilities, money becomes a secondary concern. Don’t get me wrong, I have earning goals just like anyone else. I have faith that with a commitment to developing my contributions to the blockchain along with everyone else, success is on the horizon. It may take a year or several, I am in for the long term whatever time frame that entails.

The main key point is… growth of the steem blockchain community over all. With that idea and motivation in place, there is success in the future for those that grow with the community as a ecosystem of change for the better. I’m excited… I’m committed and I am fortunate to be able to be part of something this amazing.

My Shop

So I am working on my Shop: there are only a few handmade items listed there at the moment. I have several more to add. Over time I hope to have a great selection of things to choose from. All in good time… I will work hard to make it happen.

The exciting part is that I am hooked up with the #Woocommerce plugin which enables me to accept Steem and USD which is super cool imo… Very happy to be able to offer this option. The developers that work on and make these things possible are essential and their hours of commitment make things better each and every day.

@graylan and @techcoderx of #onelovedtube work tirelessly every day to make improvements in so many areas of the Steem Community. They are a big help to me when ever I call upon them. Sometimes it’s just so hard to believe the amount of development that gets achieved. They freely and selflessly give out information and tutorials to help others understand and reach goals. Hats off to these guys for working so hard and all the other contributors that keep things fresh and operating at peak performance levels.

To be a newer Steemian, I feel like I have absorbed a lot of understanding. I am eager to learn more and contribute more to the community. I’m excited about my website and how I can utilize it to introduce more people to Steem.

To learn more about me… check out my About Page. Everything is still brand new so I will update often and be adding more pages of interest. The Holidays have had us all busy, the year ahead will have more in store. Be sure to bookmark or Follow me. I would love to hear from you! So comment and engage and let me know how you like the look of things or just whatever is on your mind to say.

Thank-you for stopping by!

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